Pwrapper for 3dsMax  v.1 8

Pwrapper is a surface blobMesh generator for any kind of particle system in 3dsMax, Maya and XSI(not only glu3D particles). Create a new instance of Pwrapper.

COLLADA for Maya, 3DSMax  v.1.0

FCOLLADA based COLLADA plugins for Maya and 3DSMax.


VRay Demo for 3dsmax 6  v.2.0

V-Ray for 3ds Max is the core development of Chaos Group, which allows users to quickly and easily create realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process.

Batch Render Master  v.3.4

A high efficiency automatic batch render plugin for V-ray & 3dsmax which can maximum saving your rendering time and speed up your rendering,supports multiple scenes rendering,multiple cameras rendering,automatic create & load GI maps,automatic ren

SolidRocks  v.0.99.1

SolidRocks is an Autodesk™ 3dsmax™ plugin which automates the complex process of setting up rendering for V-Ray. It brings the best of the powerful V-Ray™ rendering engine without any need to know its internal operation.

MorphX2  v.1 7

Morphx2 is a small program, which allows artists to create non-destructive morph targets that can go on top of any other modifier in 3dsMax.

PuppetShop  v.3 45

Puppetshop is a FREE Rigging and Animation plugin for 3dsmax 8 (or higher). It offers a unique blend of easy to use animator tools, while keeping the 'backdoor' open for technical directors.

SkinFX  v.2 9

'Skin FX' is a 3dsMax based modifier (deformer) that gives the artist the ability to simulate Muscle Deformation (mesh being deformed or 'sliding over' other objects such as skin sliding over bone or muscle.

VRay Batch Render PRO

A powerful VRay batch rendering tool for 3dsmax.* Supports batch multi-file rendering. * Supports batch multi-camera rendering. * Supports batch multi-camera + multi-file rendering. * Can batch generate file paths in the file list with one keystroke. *

3ddragon Super Material PRO

A great and useful stuff tool for 3dsmax(especially for architecture design)* It can add unlimited number of material spheres and assign materials to objects swiftly.* You can set your favorite materials as quick materials. * You can add .mat format

Super Material  v.3.0

Super material is a useful material tool for 3dsmax.

Super Mesher Reader  v.1.0

SuperMesher is a 3DSMax plugin that allows you to cache animated geometry regardless of its topology and number of objects. Full support for pFlow particles is included.

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