Pwrapper for 3dsMax  v.1 8

Pwrapper is a surface blobMesh generator for any kind of particle system in 3dsMax, Maya and XSI(not only glu3D particles). Create a new instance of Pwrapper.

COLLADA for Maya, 3DSMax  v.1.0

FCOLLADA based COLLADA plugins for Maya and 3DSMax.


VRay Demo for 3dsmax 6  v.2.0

V-Ray for 3ds Max is the core development of Chaos Group, which allows users to quickly and easily create realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process.

SolidRocks  v.0.99.1

SolidRocks is an Autodesk™ 3dsmax™ plugin which automates the complex process of setting up rendering for V-Ray. It brings the best of the powerful V-Ray™ rendering engine without any need to know its internal operation.


3D-Brush program can be used for detailing and texturing the 3D object which has already been shaped in another 3D-packet. You can paint with color, bump, transparency, specular using layers over the model on 1-20 millions of polygons. The small details

Firevector Atmoweld

After the installation on your PC, Firevector Atmoweld appears as a 3D Studio Max utility plug-in. All the scenes opened in 3D Studio MAX can be exported to LightWave3D Object File (LWO). There are several types of options that affect the result

DeepMesh  v.1.0.1

DeepMesh is an easy to use 3D model editor with support for over 20 model formats, skinned animation, a built-in uv mapper, lightmapper and hundreds of tools for building and editing character models, maps and environments.

VOID Modular System  v.1 6

Perfectly flexible wiring system lets you embody your sonic ideas. The VOID Modular System is the high quality, adaptable software sound source system that you can use as an analog modeling synthesizer, effects processor, vocoder or visualizer.

PSOFT Void  v.1 52

A modular analog synthesizer system from the old days brought back to life on your desktop.

Okino OpenFlight Installer  v.4.0

The Okino OpenFlight geometry export converter writes out fully compliant OpenFlight .flt binary files, complete with all geometry, hierarchy information, material, lights, 'flip book' animation and texture mapping attributes.

NuGraf  v.4. 4. 2014

Advanced 3D Data Translation, Rendering & Scene Composition Software for Microsoft Windows. Includes all the functionality of PolyTrans inside NuGraf (PolyTrans is a subset of NuGraf).

Morph-O-Matic  v.2 4

Morph-O-Matic, the industry standard morphing extension for 3ds max, has been designed from the ground up as a tool to assist modelers, animators and technical directors in creating complex morph setups and animations.

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